Hyperlinked Briefs

TGL Media uses leading-edge technology to create digital versions of your pleadings, with hyperlinks between the documents, so that the judge and law clerk are never more than a mouse-click away from the case law or exhibits supporting your argument.  The hyperlinked brief allows you to highlight a specific part of a published opinion, and to include secondary authorities that may not be in the court's library. It even allows you to embed video and audio clips so that the court can view them without having to track down a television and VCR.

The facts about hyperlinked briefs when it comes to cost, deadlines and admissability.

Trial Support

Synchronized Video Depositions

People remember only part of what they hear, including any video depositions that you may want to present.  TGL Media will synchronize the video to the official transcript and provide it to you on a CD or DVD disk. We will prepare it for presentation at trial, using the software of your choice, and edit any clips that you may need for pleadings or hearings.

See a syncronized video clip  

Trial Exhibits

In the 21st century, judges and juries expect to see clear, compelling graphics illustrating your arguments.  TGL Media partners with accomplished graphic artists to create trial exhibits that will jurors understand and remember.

Litigation Support

Preparing a case for trial can be a daunting experience. Computers are supposed to make the task easier, but learning some programs can take more time than organizing the piles of paper they are supposed to replace.  TGL Media can help you settle on a computer database, scan your documents, plan trial exhibits, and provide complete trial support.  Our services are cost-efficient, making them a sensible alternative for even smaller trials.

Technical Consulting

If you are routinely in court or have a paperwork-intensive practice, hiring outside litigation support for each project can become extremely expensive.  If you want to start handling some of these tasks in-house, TGL Media has the expertise to help you get started . Whether you need to develop a database, buy hardware, choose a computer program, or train your staff, TGL Media can help you evaluate the alternatives and choose the best options for your specific practice.

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