Hyperlinked Briefs Fit Into Every Budget!

That’s right! Hyperlinked electronic briefs are more affordable than you might think. TGL Media can hyperlink your briefs to digitized exhibits and case law for less than $60 per page. Judges and clerks are only a few mouse clicks away from your fully supported arguments on CD-ROM. And, there are no boxes of documents to sift through! Request a free sample and take a look at our competitive price list.

You Can File Hyperlinked Briefs After the Deadline

You do not need to file hyperlinked briefs at the same time as the paper briefs (though the court may require simple PDF versions). You can file hyperlinked briefs as courtesy copies one or more weeks after the initial deadline. So you can concentrate on getting your brief finished and filed. Then, we will create a digital version on CD-ROM hyperlinked to all of your evidence and legal authority.

Judges Welcome Hyperlinked Briefs

Because hyperlinked briefs are relatively new, many court rules do not mention them. However, we have never had a court reject a hyperlinked brief. Judges like hyperlinked briefs because they simply make it easier to read the briefs and review exhibits, not to mention carry them from one office to another. Hyperlinked briefs are good for both appellate and pretrial practice. A nice, neat CD-ROM, particularly one with video clips, also tells the judge and opposing counsel that you are more than ready for trial.

The Bottom Line

All litigators and appellate attorneys should include hyperlinked briefs as part of their repertoire. These briefs are an exciting way to focus the judge’s attention on your arguments and supporting facts. They are cost-effective and always make the record more clear than an ordinary pleading. A well-done electronic brief can be the next best thing to sitting in the judge’s office and writing the opinion yourself.

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