An Affordable Price Schedule

We charge by the hour rather than by each component of the project, because we believe that system better reflects our ability to streamline the process and provide efficient services.  Our base rates are:

Hyperlinked Brief Production and Design

$45 per page
Audio/Video Conversion to Digital Format

$40 per tape
Synchronize Audo/Video to Transcript

$85 per hour
Audio/Video Editing

$85 per hour
Graphic Design

$135 per hour
Technology Consulting

$85 per hour

For rush orders, there is an additional charge to cover our extra costs. For detailed information, including a list of services, download our current price list. 

For a detailed estimate of a particular project, contact us.

If the size of a project or a tight deadline requires us to outsource a particular task, such as scanning documents, we will inform you before accepting the project, consult with you about choosing a vendor, and bill those costs to you as a direct expense.

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