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November/December 2007
EDD Bytes to Feed Your Firm's Knowledge
Road to Mac OS X Leopard: Time Machine. .
Local Rules of United States District Courts Addressing E-Discovery Issues
Fair Use Advocates Issue Principles for Protecting Online Videos
eDiscovery for Dummies
Would-Be Comedian Struggles to Overcome Handicap


September/October 2007
Caution: Private E-Mails Might Turn Public
Acrobat and PDF Clones: What you should know . . .
Court to Lawyer: Whitelist the Court Domain Name!
Is Your Blog Leaking Trade Secrets?
Everyone (And Their Grandmother) Is Jumping Into E-Discovery
The New Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP): IT Obligations for Email
Corrupt official plagiarizes trial apology


July/August 2007
Don't Let Your E-Evidence Get Trashed
Beware the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Cyberspace
Recording, movie industries lobby for permission to deceive
The Risk of Ignoring E-Discovery Obligations
Congress takes new stab at patent system overhaul
Stanford Law School Professor wins right to sell her legal expertise/practice law online through LawBot™ avatar


May/June 2007
Unlocking Keywords to Ensure Effective E-Discovery
Google adding search privacy protections
Fiscal Year 2006 Caseloads Remain At High Levels
Ninth Circuit Tightens Standards for Crime Fraud Exception to Attorney-Client Communications
Court Sets Out Imaging, Recovery and Disclosure Protocols
Apple Introduces "I-Don't" Digital Divorce Lawyer


March/April 2007
New Federal Rules: Paging All IT Staff
The Discovery Battles of Tomorrow
How Do You Draft a Request for Gmail?
What Judges Really Think About Courtroom Technology
New Federal Rules: Let the Litigation Begin
The Future of E-Filing in Federal Courts
Pick a Juror, Any Juror


May 2006
U.S. Supreme Court TV: Bill Would Televise Oral Arguments
Government Calls for Mandatory Warnings for Porno Websites
Major Banking Sites Place Customers at Risk
China Close to Being Top Spam Sending Nation On Earth
A Funeral Company Makes A Move Into the Legal Market

April 2006
Law Firm Reaps $200 Million in Blackberry windfall
3 Samsung Execs to Plead Guilty to Price Fixing
Google Offers $90m to 'Click Fraud' Victims
Fired Employees Could Pay Big Price for Erasing Computer Files
Apple vs. Apple: The Beatles Suing Apple over iTunes
Married Man Sues eHarmony Over Rejection

March 2006
Blackberry Jam - Patent Standoff Continues
Cyberthieves: Beyond Phishing to Keylogging
Deep Thoughts: The Life of Law Online
Two Legal Technology Resources
Bloggers on the Go: Updating By Phone
U.S. Law Firms Set Their Sights on Cuba After Castro
Spell-Checker Causes 'Sea Sponge' Invasion

February 2006
Domain name sells for $14,000,000.00
DRI Appellate Advocacy Seminar - March 9-10 in Phoenix
2006: The Year of Mobile Video
Five State Appellate Courts Using RSS
The Acceleration of Legal Technology Usage
Replace Your Desktop With a Powerhouse Laptop
Lawyer Allegedly Kidnaps Client Over Fees

January 2006
Florida attorney general says his e-mails aren't spam
Law Firms Pressured to Serve China on the Cheap
Preserve E-Meeting Confidentiality
Legal Technology Predictions for 2006
Can You Hear Me Now? Good -- You're Indicted
December 2005
Instant Messaging: Helpful, Hazardous or Both?
Lawyers: Staying on the Technological Edge
Quicktime: Fast, Afordable, Easy Video Editing for Lawyers
Everything You Need to Know About Email Disclaimers
Firm Sold 49 Acreas of Land on the Moon

November 2005
Gadget Update: PocketDISH, Video iPod, Palm Life
HP Legal center - 2005 Legal Technology Awards
Court Stops Web Site From 'Legal' Claim
New "Virtual" Law Firm Targets E-Discovery Angst
Austin Law Firm's Video Pep Rally Pumps Up Controversy

October 2005
Post-Katrina: Electronic vs. Paper Discovery
Pacer Surpasses Half Million User Accounts
Google Takes On Copyright Laws
iPod Flea Takes Nano to the Next Level (A Parody Video)

September 2005
High Tech Courtrooms for New Jersey Prosecutors, not Defenders
Requiring Mandatory e-Filing: Is It Fair?
'Spear Phishing' Uncovers Employee Ignorance of Online Fraud
One of World's Top Spammers Pays $7,000,000 to Microsoft
Jerk-O-Meter Measures Level of Engagement on the Phone

August 2005
Where Do Your E-mails Go After You Die?
More Computers Trashed Rather Than Fixed
File-sharing distribution suffers major defeat
Is It Time to Consider a Mac?
iPods are Potential Tool for Cypbercrime
Police Chase Ends as Suspect Runs in Courthouse

July 2005
Excellent resource for E-Discovery
TechnoFeature: Digital Briefs 101
Louisiana Supreme Court's new website offers RSS
Legal Guide for Bloggers
Brand Hijacking and Identity Theft: A Phishing Trap
Lawyer Sells Services on eBay

June 2005
Work Technology Policies with Teeth
"Redacted" Classified Data in PDFs Unwittingly Released
An RSS Safari
Top Ten Technology Law Schools
Long-winded Lawyer Presents Case for 119 Days!

May 2005
Discovering the Rules of Electronic Discovery
Commentary: Preventing Spoliation of Electronic Data
Smashing your digital secrets into safety
Lawyers Were Meant to Blog
Sleepy Juror Gets Rude Awakening
Emails and Cell Phones More Harmful than Marijuana

April 2005
Podcasting: Audio Blogging on the Go (3 Stories)
Delaware federal court requires digital version of all filings
Study: Juries not listening or understanding instructions
Spamblocker sidetracks court's email notice
Free software to create PDF documents
Attorney accidently sues himself

March 2005
Delaware Adopts Rule Allowing Hyperlinked Briefs
Visual Impact: Technology Takes Evidence to a New Level
Meeting the Big Name Bloggers at Legal Tech
2005: The Year of Legal Technology
Death No Defense for Piracy

February 2005
Firefox Fights Spies and Viruses
Federal Judge Admits Archived Web Pages Into Evidence
NJ Supreme Court Now Webcasting
Legal Brief Quotes Dr. Seuss
Debbie to Speak at NY LegalTech Show

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