Will They Read What You Plead?

You have spent 2 weeks writing a 50-page brief, citing hundreds of pages of exhibits and case law.  As you file it, you wonder, "Will the judge and law clerk focus on the most important exhibits? With the dozens of briefs waiting on their desks, will this one get the attention my client needs?"

You have spent 3 months preparing for trial.  You have to keep track of several hundred pages of documents, and need to show the jury a dozen video depositions. You ask yourself, "Will the jury be able to follow what really happened here?"

Don't let your arguments get lost in the fog.

Distinguish your case digitally

In the 21st century, judges and jurors expect to see clear and compelling exhibits.  Lawyers who use out-dated trial technology leave themselves at a serious disadvantage.

Hyperlinked briefs from TGL Media put judges and law clerks mouse-clicks away from the case law or exhibits supporting your argument.  Rather than sifting through a huge pile of paper, they can view everything from one CD or DVD. They will be able to follow your arguments and quickly find the facts in the record.

Never again will your arguments get lost in the shuffle.

The facts about hyperlinked briefs when it comes to cost, deadlines and admissibility.
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Don't resort to the same old pile of paper when a hyperlinked brief presents your whole case on one disk

Link your supporting briefs, videos, case cites, exhibits and secondary authorities.

Use the technology that judges, clerks and jurors expect to see.

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